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BidCheck-Proposal Assessment

The Challenge

  • Your supposedly best offer could not convince the customer?
  • Do you doubt the quality of your offer?
  • What are the characteristics of a good offer?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your offers?

In order to make your own offers more successful and to get more orders, you have to know the „Best Practice“ criteria.

So where to start for systematic improvement?


The Evaluation

Our BidCheck analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your offer according to „Best Practice“ criteria. We read your offer from the customer’s point of view and evaluate it in six categories:

  • First Impression
  • Executive Summary
  • Compliance
  • Customer Orientation
  • Strategy
  • Visualization and Language


The procedure – you hand over one or more of your offers to BidBox®, ideally including the tender documents. BidBox prepares a report consisting of a numerical evaluation in six categories and a detailed justification. On this basis, you will be able to prepare future bids better and more successfully.

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