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BidBox®– Training courses cover the entire process of business development and include all topics of the capture phase, offer phase including the writing of offers. BidBox training courses are also a good basis for APMP certification. All training courses are also available as in-house seminars and can be adapted in terms of content – if you have any questions or requests, please contact the Direktanfrage

As an APMP ATO, BidBox GmbH also offers APMP certifications and preparatory courses and webinars for the exam. A summary of the BidBox APMP certifications and an overview of the APMP certification programme can be found here:

APMP Professional Certification Program

The APMP certification programme is a three-stage process for the certification of professional proposal managers, bid managers and experts in the field of capture and proposal management.

The Certification Levels are the following:

  • Foundation-Level (Knowledge)
  • Practitioner-Level (Experience)
  • Professional-Level (Development)

Foundation-Level (Knowledge)

This is the first level of APMP certification and is the only certification available to non-members. The minimum requirement is one year of experience in proposal management. With the Foundation examination and certification, participants prove that they have understood the basics of proposal management. The APMP Body of Knowledge with the APMP BOK is available to them as a basis for the examination

Practitioner-Level (Experience)

As an APMP Practitioner, the application of theoretical knowledge must be demonstrated in practice. This is done by presenting project examples, whereby the use of proposal management principles must be demonstrated. Foundation level certification is a prerequisite for practitioner level certification.

Professional-Level (Development)

For the APMP Professional Level, the use of specialist knowledge, the further development of Capture & Proposal Management and the transfer of specialist knowledge must be demonstrated. The Practitioner level certification is a prerequisite for the Professional level certification.

BidBox – APMP Information Package

As an APMP ATO, we provide some information on the subject of APMP certification. The information is available for download or refers to APMP available documents. Participants in our exam preparation courses and webinars receive further documents to prepare for the exam and access to our BidBox Learning Management System.

BidBox is certified by Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) as an official Training Organisation, so called Approved Training Organization (ATO). All BidBox APMP Trainings and Trainings Content is constantly reviewed by APMP and APMG. 

By participating in BidBox trainings you will receive credits (CEUs) for the continuation of your APMP certification. General information on the certification programme can also be found on the website of APMO under APMP Zertifizierung.

On customer request, BidBox will manages the full APMP Training and Certification including APMP memberships and payment process.

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